April 6, 2010


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I have a reputation in my family for taking pictures of  family and friends that never see the light of day. They make it to my hard drive and pretty much die there.

Its not entirely undeserved. I’m not great at emailing the pictures I take after holidays or parties. And quite frankly, I don’t consider myself very good at all at taking “people pictures.”  That may contribute to my reluctance to share my photos of friends and family.

So, in an effort to break that trend, I thought I’d post my favorite candid family portrait.

What you are looking at is my wife, Jean and our three sons (left to right, youngest to oldest), Ryan, John and Tom.

This was taken in the coastal town of Doolin, County Claire, Ireland back in 2007. A family vacation for the ages.

Unbeknownst to me, my kids decided that any time I pointed the camera at them on the trip, they would strike a “Christian Rock Album Cover Pose”. Look anywhere EXCEPT at the camera. They failed to tell Jean. In this case, I loved the results.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary, Jean.

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  1. Bob this is awesome, well done man. I like that Jean is the only one looking, makes it unique and cool. The setting is great…

    We actually have a photo like this as a family…we look like a Christian Rock Band as well…taken up in Cape Cod, amongst the rocks…we’re all standing in various spots, looking cool 🙂 My father in law snapped that one.

    Anyways, this is great. You know, I have a separate blog for family stuff, and I just upload most of my family stuff there…or on Facebook of course. Just a thought…because I know if I don’t post them, they wont all get printed and may just disappear with time.