April 14, 2010

Merrimack River Blue

Every once in a while an image happens by accident or afterthought. This is one such case.

Last spring I took advantage of my access to the mills to catch the sunset from the roof of the Wood Mill Store House. Most of that day was overcast with no indication of a “killer sunset”, but I had high hopes.

I set my tripod up on the corner of the building and waited, shot, waited some more, shot some more. The clouds threatened to break a few times but never enough to give me “the shot”, so I started thinking about packing up.

On cue, as it was getting dark, the street lights came on. Then a gentle mist filled the air. I put my camera back on the tripod and shot a few more frames.

This is image I got. It is a tranquil shot of a city known more for turmoil.

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