April 17, 2010


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I asked a friend of mine, who is a Freemason, if it would be possible to photograph the interior of a local Masonic Temple. I was surprised and grateful at his rapid response to my request. A couple of email exchanges later, I met him at the lodge for an early evening walk-through and quick photo session. The idea was to get some reference shots and go back for a more comprehensive session.

Walking through a well-maintained, well designed, nearly 200 year old building with a camera and tripod and limited time to shoot can make your head spin. So many shots, so little time.

I decided to focus on the main meeting room and one of the sitting rooms. But you’ll have to wait to see those. I thought I’d introduce the series with a shot I caught on the way out.

I didn’t think the evening shoot would be complete without a shot of the front of the building. The fact that I was leaving during “The Blue Hour” certainly helped be decide.

While setting up this shot a waitress from the neighboring restaurant decided to take her break on the steps at the far end of the Temple. She whipped out her cell phone and settled in. I wanted to wait for her to leave, but the phone call, unlike the light seemed endless. I fired away.

I opted not to surgically remove her in Photoshop. She added some scale to the image and I liked the painterly effect her slight movement during the bracket created.

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    1. Author

      Thanks Phil!
      It was shot with my 11-16mm Tokina on my D300. It is very tight. THere is the building, narrow street, row of parked, cars then a canal. It forced me to go wide and dramatic.

  1. As a freemason in Western Mass, I wanted to thank you for this absolutely beautiful shot of the temple. Gorgeous! it now graces my computer’s desktop. I will b’mark your page, and look forward to the photos of the interior.