April 18, 2010


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As a runner who was born and bred in the Boston area, its easy to take the Boston Marathon for granted. Its in my back yard and, assuming I qualify, I can always run it. If I don’t qualify, there are other ways to get in, or there is always next year.  Thanks to a hamstring injury, last year was one of those “wait till next year” years.

Unable to run, I managed to get a pass to photograph the start and finish areas. Not being part of it was NOT an option!

When I walked through Athlete’s Village last year carrying my camera,  I saw the race from a different perspective. So many different face, races and flags all converging on Hopkinton with one goal: Run Boston. For some, a yearly ritual. For most, a lifelong goal – a once in a lifetime experience.

When I approached these two South Korean men they beamed and proudly displayed their numbers. They traveled halfway around the world to be part of Boston They wanted to be seen.

Gentlemen, congratulations on your 2009 Boston Marathon finish:

  • Sang Ku Yoo |#10938 | Age 45 | Seoul, South Korea | Official time: 3:51:10
  • Hong Il Chong | #21305 | Age 65 | Seoul, South Korea | Official time: 4:48:06

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM I’ll be wearing number 6607 when the gun goes of for the 114th BAA Boston Marathon. My 14th Boston Marathon.

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Good luck to all my friends who are running – Whether its your yearly ritual, or your life-long dream.

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