April 21, 2010


I have to admit, I do struggle to come up with titles for these images. I guess I could go with something like “Mill Motif #5” but that is boring and I’m not great at math. I’d lose track after 10 “Motifs.”

I’m not good at emotional or figurative titles either. Yes, I am in Awe of the mills’ architecture and history. But then I’d be stuck with something like “Awe #5”.  Again … Me + Math = Fail.

So you are stuck with titles like “Angles.”

This angle of this corner of this building in the Malden Mill complex was shot with the 24mm PC-E lens. As advertised, it kept the verticals vertical.

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  1. Titles suck man…lol. I came up with ‘Arc of Glory’ but still wasn’t sure if it was right.

    I love this shot…really like that pipe coming down the side of the building. Think the dead branches from some old vine really add to the old feel of the building. Great shot!