April 23, 2010

Track 4

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OK. I know. The HDR 101 handbook says, “don’t bracket anything that moves.” I usually adhere to this basic rule of thumb.

I was in North Station (downstairs from the Boston Garden) on Wednesday night waiting for a friend to come in on the train. I was meeting him for Game 4 of the Bruins/Sabers series (Bruins won in double overtime – YES!). I was standing at the little bar having a beer watching people waiting for the boarding call for their commute home.

While I was waiting, I decided to shoot some candid brackets of the commuters for an HDR experiment. Throw caution to the wind. 9 brackets, let the shutter speeds drag, capture some motion, see what happens.

I DID expect to see more motion in the final product, but I am not unhappy. I like the fact that the woman in the center was busy texting someone and kept her motion to a minimum, providing an anchor.

I was inspired by Mark Garbowski‘s  bus stop series. Especially this image. Love that the subjects are generally unaware of the fact that they are being photographed. I love the feeling of spontaneity in Mark’s final images. I wondered if HDR and longer bracketed exposures could convey that same mood. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it does.


no images were found

Here is a bonus image of the pre-game “pump up the crowd” ceremony. Click for the big version. Its an HDR image from a single exposure.

It was an awesome game … Playoff Hockey … Nothing better!

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  2. Holy WOW!! I love your hockey shot! I’m not usually a huge fan of HDR that’s done to the extreme, but this one is a rare exception! And I must say I’m envious that you get to watch the games live. I live in Wyoming, far from any professional sports!

    Your work has given me a much needed spark for my own photography. I’ve played with HDR, but when I came across your site and Brian’s (Matiash) I want to do more. Thanks!