April 24, 2010

30 Dollar Parking

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I caught this image in an alley/parking lot as was walking from my car to the Boston Garden last Wednesday for the Bruins Sabers playoff game.

I should have called it “Sucker” because that’s what I felt like after I blindly followed the directions of the guy waving the flag next to the “Event Parking” a block from the Garden. The sign didn’t say what the parking would cost and my request for a price check as I pulled in fell on deaf ears.

Other cars were pulling in behind me. I was stuck. I just did what I was told … drove down the alley and parked where the guy told me to park. Paid what he told me to pay. $30 to park in an alley. At least it provided easy egress after the game.

I couldn’t resist taking this image as I walked to the game. It reminded me of the mills I spend so much time shooting.

You can buy it if you want! Cost is $30!

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  1. awesome spot, great shot! $30!

    That’s how it is in Phoenix…old buildings are basically unused except to make a bundle for parking during Suns, Dbacks, etc.