April 25, 2010

Maybrook Stairwell

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My friend Brian Matiash came up to Lawrence yesterday for a full day of mill shooting. I shoot the mills a lot, but never for hours on end like we did yesterday. I loved the company.

Its always great to watch Brian work. It gives me a different perspective … It forces and me look at my subjects more critically and more creatively. Truly a great influence.

Today’s shot is of the stairwell of a vacant mill building.  The door was open, so I went in.

If anyone of any authority is reading this and recognizes it, I can assure you, I left it exactly as I found it. No damage done.

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  1. Love the perspective and depth here Bob. Love the subtle light coming on the stairs too, beautiful!

    Man I wish I lived near you guys!

  2. Great job with this shot, man. It’s so brooding. I do love the warm light at the vanishing point.

    The viewers should see what you had to climb to get to this shot. I love it when effort pays out with dividends.

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