April 28, 2010

Coastal Rain

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Its the time of year that I start making plans for my annual camping trip with my youngest son, Ryan. Actually, I’m late in doing so. Better get on it.

For the past two summers, our destination has been Acadia National Park. May be it again this year.

We’ve been lucky. A typical camping trip for us consists of torrential rains at night and partly cloudy to overcast skies during the day. That may sound bad for tent camping, but the opposite would be far worse!

Anyway, this shot is from our first trip there, two summers ago. We arrived late Friday afternoon, pitched the tent then walked sown to the Park Loop Road to get the lay of the land. It was near dusk, drizzling rain and perfect for some photography. I took full advantage.

I remember getting back to the tent and flipping through the images on the LCD. I hit this one, showed it to Ryan, and he said, “wow!”

It is a single exposure HDR from a two second exposure.

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