April 30, 2010


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The clock face on top of the Everett Mill is about 5 feet in diameter. Manufactured by E. Howard & Co., the parts appear to be almost all original. The only thing new about it is the electric motor that keeps the gears ticking away.

I’ve shot this before but was not very happy with the results. I got an odd chromatic aberration in the center of the image. I minimized it in post, but I still found distracting. This time, I approached it with a new, slightly wider lens.

The reshoot had been on my to-do list for a while. Last Sunday’s shoot with Brian Matiash provided me with the opportunity.  I always thought this was begging for a much wider shot so I insisted Brian bring his fish-eye lens.

Can’t wait to see his take on it.

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  2. I dig this shot a lot, Bob. It almost looks there is a texture overlay on it.


    I’ll post mine up when I get home from Austin.

  3. Bob, this shot took my breath away! It is a stunning take on the clock. I am loving the opportunity to see our mill through your eyes – and many thanks for the leasing plug with Welcome!