May 2, 2010


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I hit another image title roadblock, but figured this would work.  So “welcome” to the sixth floor of the Everett Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The building itself takes up an entire city block and rises up 6 stories high. That’s Mill stories — 12-15 foot ceilings. Construction started in 1860. The building was completed in 1909. It was a key player in the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912.

The militia assembled behind the Everett Mill and poured out onto Essex Street through the mill’s gates to confront the striking workers.

Today, the Everett Mill is commercial property that houses everything from a sandwich shop/catering service, to a warehousing business to a Massachusetts State agency office.

The sixth floor is the only floor that retains its original look.

If you are interested in opening an office in a historic old building with lots of character, let me know — I have connections. Just let me finish shooting in here before you move in.

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