May 4, 2010

540 Malden Mills

Another image of the Malden Mills. This one from a few weeks back with the rented (and sorely missed) Nikon PC-E lens. Actually, this may be the last image I shot with it!

I want to take a moment to both thank and curse my good friend, Brian Matiash for introducing me to the creative virtues of Tilt/Shift. No longer can I compose an image and not wonder what a bit of perspective correction or a slight tilt of the lens barrel would do for the image.

Seriously, I DO look at things differently since using that lens. When I look UP to frame a building or scene through the viewfinder, I’m cognizant of the converging lines. I ask myself if they enhance or detract from the composition? If they distract, can I recompose the image to make the lines work for me (see yesterday’s post).  If not, is the distortion acceptable, or can I compensate for it in post-processing?

In this case, I didn’t have to. The distortion is deliberate. I popped the camera off-axis and employed a little tilt of the lens barrel to keep the rounded facade and the tower in focus.

I DO love the creative possibilities of the T/S lens and it is definitely on my wish list.

Having it for a week expanded my creative thinking. Not having it did the same.

I think there is a lesson there.

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  2. I really dig the perspective in this comp, Bob. Great job bringing out the moodiness of the sky/clouds.

    We need to head back there asap.