May 6, 2010


And now for something completely different:

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My friend, Shawn Fiord (an approximation of his name, to protect his dignity), is going through a mid-life crisis. Actually, his third mid-life crisis.

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His first came at about age 35 and involved a motorcycle. After an unfortunate encounter with the pavement and subsequent bodily damage, the offending bike has been sitting idle in his garage.

His second mid-life crisis came around age 40 — A sporty little red convertible with a kick-ass sound system and almost no room for his children. That’s OK. They probably didn’t really want to be seen with him anyway.

That brings us to “Shawn’s” latest (probably not his last) mid-Life Crisis.

Goodbye idle motorcycle and sweet convertible. Hello Bad-ass, police-magnet, screaming yellow, Dodge Challenger.  Its HEMI. Its a throwback to the 1970’s muscle cars with some 2010 fuel conservation and electronics. Its a sweet ride.

When “Shawn”  brought me down to the garage to see his new reason to live, I said, “We have to HDR the shit out of this thing.” So we did.

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  2. Mid life crisis my ass! It seats 5, has a big trunk, rides comfortably, and is safety yellow; all the makings of a practical family coupe.

    Oh, and it’s fast. That’s a requirement for getting the kids to school quickly. 🙂

    Awesome pix Bob! Keep them coming!!

    Oh, and how about releasing the images in sets so we can see what goes into making the end result HDR?