May 9, 2010

6th Floor

[singlepic id=736 w=840 h= float=]

This is the 6th floor of the Everett Mill. But enough about the image.

I took a break from posting over the weekend to redesign my site. I wasn’t terribly happy with the previous theme and its limitations (no pagination? Seriously?). I tried “upgrading” to their newest version but my site completely crashed. I rolled back and went back to square one.

Many of you will probably recognize the layout and functionality as ProPhoto. You are correct (it also says so in the footer). Yes, I felt like a lemming, but I haven’t seen an implementation of ProPhoto that I haven’t liked. Its a popular theme … relatively customizable and pretty intuitive. I was able to get this up and running in a few hours without coding ( and only a couple of minor headaches).

On my previous site, I used NexGen Gallery to for my individual posts, to  build galleries and compile albums. I decided to keep using it, at least for individual posts. It automatically incorporates jQuery ThickBox for individual posts (only available for Galleries with ProPhoto out of the box, I think).

All of my posted images are already bigger (840 px), but you can still click on the image in an individual post to see it in 1200 pixel glory. If your monitor is on the small side, or the image is portrait, it will display the image an appropriate size for the monitor resolution.

The site far from complete. I’m still working out some of the finer details, like what galleries to feature, where. Still need an about page and still need a decent photo of myself for it. Anyone know any good photographers out there?

I hope you like the new site. Comments and suggestions are encouraged!

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  1. this is real nice Bob, love the look and feel! I definitely need to tweak mine a little bit as well, I hate the footer area.

  2. great look.
    the photo is great too, I keep moving eyes over the lines of perspective..