May 12, 2010


This bridge spanning the North Canal in Lawrence was once a railroad bridge. A few years ago it was refurbished, complete with color-changing LED lights to illuminate it at night. I shot a few sets of brackets as the lights changed colors. I figure If I’m stuck for an image, I can always post another color!

On the other side of the bridge, in the left portion of the image is the Pemberton Mill, scene of one of the worst industrial accidents in American history.

On January 10, 1860, the Pemberton Mill buckled and collapsed without warning. An estimated 145 people were killed in the collapse and subsequent fire that swept through the rubble. Most of those killed were young women and children (the primary mill workers of the day).

The mill was rebuilt shortly after the tragedy.

From Wikipedia:

The Scientific American wrote, “…there is now no doubt that the fall of the building was owing to the most gross negligence and want of fidelity in casting the columns.” The tragedy became a rallying point for efforts to improve safety standards in industrial workplaces.

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