May 21, 2010


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I was not a student of HDR when we took our family trip to Ireland in 2007, but I did shoot everything in RAW. Therefore, I have been able to revisit many of my images from the trip and reprocess them in HDR. At least the ones where the ISO was low enough. This is one of them.

These ruins were less than a mile (or a couple KM) from the cottage we rented. We couldn’t miss them when we arrived.

The next morning I was heading into Clonmel to buy eggs, Guinness, rashers and Guinness. And Guinness. Having every intention of stopping and photographing these ruins, I told my wife it would be at least an hour before I got back.

The land around this old church and tower was a pasture for sheep. They weren’t out grazing at the time, but the “evidence” at my feet told me they were frequent residents of the field. I had to be careful where I stepped.

It was well worth the danger.

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