June 1, 2010

Terry’s Farm

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I planned to take my time driving to Northport for the ‘CPL Christopher G Scherer I Did the I Grid Road Race’ (see yesterday’s post, in case you missed it). I was traveling alone so I could stop as many times as I wanted to photograph the Long Island countryside.

I took the 9:00 AM Ferry from New London to Orient Point and didn’t have to drive more than a mile from the boat before making my first stop for a photograph. I actually drove past this great little farm stand and turned around to get the shot.

Planting was under way. I’m willing to bet that Terry’s Farm stand will be teeming with fresh fruits and vegetables in a couple of months.

I love the snow blower at the corner of the building.

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  1. while generally softness is not my thing, I really works in this image. The metallic blue in the sky is just beautiful. great comp!

  2. I’m guessing this is HDR? Whatever the method…the results are fantastic. Looks like a painting.

    And I really like the perspective, which distorts (foreshortens?) the dimensions of the structure. A wide-angle lens?

    Great overall impression. Very much feels like a painting. (I’m sorry that I lack the more technical vocabulary…but I know what I like. This is great!)

  3. Ken Yes its HDR and a wide angle lens. Most of my work is HDR. Basically, unless noted otherwise, you can assume HDR. Very glad you like it!

  4. Hi Robert, I love this photo for a couple of reasons. First of all it is a photo of my family’s farm stand in Orient. My family has been farming in Orient for generations going back to the 1700’s. My Dad was born (1910) and raised on a farm in Orient. So for sentimental reasons I am drawn to the picture. I love the colors and the perspective of the picture. As you know, we can now have pictures converted to canvas…like a painting. I would like to do this with your photo for my personal use. If you are willing, I can send you a “Photographer’s Copyright Consent Form” to sign and return to me. Thank you for your consideration. Pat