June 8, 2010

Wine Country

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It’s easy to find something to photograph in Long Island’s Wine Country.  Its gorgeous countryside is begging to be photographed. The challenge, of course, is in the composition and light.

Unfortunately, my drive through this area took place in the heat of the day. I found myself shooting between the hours of 11:00AM and 1:00PM. Not the best time of day for producing dramatic images. Still, I walked away with a few that I am very happy with — this among them.

If I can’t have dramatic light, I’ll settle for strong lines. I love the way this row of grape vines appears to go on forever.

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  1. Looks good Bob…I’m the same way though, very tough to do good HDR during the middle of the day, especially if you are lacking dramatic skies.

    Great lines here!

  2. Bob – I’m glad to know, after seeing these Long Island shots, that you don’t spend ALL your time along blighted city streets and in dark abandoned mills. It’s good to get out in the countryside. Have a glass of wine while you’re there.