June 14, 2010


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Here is a wider view of the towering Silos at Boston’s Dry Docks, shot a few minutes before the Golden Hour. The (nearly) clear sky in this shot gave no indication of the incredible display of light, clouds and color that was coming.

Brian Matiash already posted one of his shots of the great sky. I’ll be posting a couple of mine later this week.

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  1. Thanks for publishing both of these, Bob. I tend to get caught up in the idea sometimes that I can only pick one photo of a certain location from a particular photo shoot. I have seen others express the same idea. We need to remember to be free to show the different perspectives we see of the same site.

  2. Thanks Mark I do usually think twice about posting two images of the same scene, but thought this offered some broader perspective of the subject. I’m now torn between two all too similar shots from another subject that night.