June 19, 2010

Light Show

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This is the last shot from my very successful — and very enjoyable — photo session with Brian Matiash at Boston’s Dry Docks couple of weeks ago.

The light show we were treated to was just spectacular. As Brian noted on one of his posts, we were running and shooting our way through the area making our way to the pier, literally chasing the light. When we got there a huge bank of clouds was gathered over the ship unloader things (I’m so technical) – They actually reminded me of the land walkers from Star Wars. But I digress.

The clouds were glowing orange and gray from the setting sun. Brian and I were firing away. When we thought we had our fill, we turned to other subjects. I happened to look back and saw that the clouds had begun to dissipate and the colors shifted to a new pallet.

I’m glad I turned around.

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  1. Love the onslaught of clouds. You did a nice job if maintaining a very elegant gradient in the sky, too. Let’s do that again! 🙂

  2. Man, you were treated to some great cloud formations on this outing. I really enjoyed all the photos especially this one. It serves as a reminder when you chase the light you can be rewarded with great photos.

  3. It ALWAYS pays to turn around Bob! On TREK, the runners were always running – and looking – east. I told Gov to stop and look back every once it a while – you’re missing a lot of beauty. And he did!!

    Beautiful photo that might not have been… Oh, and I like your ship unloader things too!

  4. really nice. still looking for the pallets!
    artists like you dont need to be technical too!

  5. Amazing lighting and even better eye for it. Your photos are like a treat for me, never knowing what to expect next but always surprised by the “Topic” while blown away by the artistry. Great job.