June 20, 2010


I spent an hour yesterday shooting at the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence. Thats the one that collapsed in 1860, killing 145 workers.

There is not much activity in that area on the weekends. I’m not even sure if there are any companies operating out of the building. What is apparent by the amount of graffiti on the walls, is that the secluded parking lot is a popular hangout. Most of the doors and several of the windows on this and neighboring buildings are “tagged.”

I’m not sure what, or who “slim” is. Sounds harmless enough. Maybe “Slim” just a skinny kid with a couple of paint cans and some talent. But another tag, not far from this one, and replicated on other parts of the building reads “scars like ours”.  Its a reminder to me that Lawrence is not necessarily the safest city to be shooting in.

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