June 21, 2010

Bridge to Bridge

My Father’s Day treat to myself yesterday was to go out and shoot a few brackets along the Merrimack River. Yeah, I know … what’s so special about that?

I went out with very high expectations. As sunset approached the clouds looked very promising in all directions. I had hoped to see a lot of colors and light dancing on a blanket of clouds in the eastern skies. But when I got to the river, the eastern skies were pretty much clear. I’m always amazed at how quickly clouds can dissipate.

I was disappointed. A couple of my favorite old spots didn’t appear to offer any new drama. I decided to try something different; a sweeping panorama of the river. I went down to the community boat launch so I could right on to the shore. This is pretty popular fishing spot, but there was nobody there. I got lucky.

I’m pretty happy with the results.

This shot is comprised of three bracketed sets of 7 exposures.

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