June 22, 2010


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Sometimes you have to take a shot, sometimes a shot has to be taken.

On my trip to Long Island a few weeks ago, I tried to get off the main road to find some “off the beaten path” images. I stumbled upon the abandoned house I posted earlier. Oblivious to anything else around me, I spent a few minutes composing and shooting. I thought, “mission accomplished!” then turned to head back to my car and saw the entrance to the nursery.

If I was driving past it, I would not have taken the shot and would have completely missed the near perfect symmetry of this scene. Because I stopped for something else by chance, this shot had to be taken.

That’s philosophy, or something.

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  1. Youve broken every rule of composition here. Centered the subject, halved the horizon, ect. You will have to answer to the authorities for this. Me, I love it.