June 23, 2010

Somewhere in Utah

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Occasionally, I like to go back and check out some of my older images to see if they were as good as I thought they were at the time I took them, or if I have improved as a photographer since. Too often, I think the answer is “no” to the former but, thankfully, “yes” to the latter.

Sometimes I stumble upon an image that I liked when I shot it and still like today. Its not always because of the aesthetic quality of the image, but the feeling it evokes—what  I was doing when I took the shot.

In this case, I still like the image and I recall the circumstances around its creation fondly.

It was taken somewhere in Utah in 2004, very early in the morning. It was the sixth day of my cross country relay run for charity. TREK USA: 10 runners; 13 states; 3500 miles; 25 days. Not a walk in the park a group of guys in our 40’s and 50’s. We raised over $300,000 for 5 New England based charities. The relay was a tremendous experience on many levels.

Anyway, back to the image. It was about 6:30 AM. We had just set the first runner out on his first leg of the day. On the right side of the road were mountains and pastures. On the left, a railway and mountains.  In front of us, the road and more mountains.

This was the right side of the road.

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