June 24, 2010

Good Morning

And it was a Good Morning.

This shot was taken a couple of years ago on my annual camping trip with my youngest son, Ryan.  It was shot off of Acadia National Park’s Park Loop Road, only a five minute walk from our camp sight. I’m not a morning person, but  sleeping in a tent in a crowded camp ground will make you get up early.

I thought my “keeper” that morning would be the sun breaking over the rocky point east of us, but then I found myself standing on a rock facing south/southwest and I knew I had my shot. I wanted to get the water to blur a bit so I stopped down to f22, slowing my shutter speed to about a half second. I fired off about 30 frames, doing my best to time the water churning at my feet.

I’m looking forward to going back with Ryan in a few weeks. Five more days of camping. If you can call it camping. We pull into the camp sight, pitch a tent and sleep in it. The restaurants in Bar Harbor are too tempting, so we usually eat there.

Bear Grylls, we are not.

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  1. Beautiful image! I love the softness throughout.

    We gave up on Blackwoods a long time ago. I’ve never seen a camground with sites packed so closely together. One night we went out on the rocks to escape the people and smoke, and almost tripped over more people.

    If you haven’t been to Rosalie’s Pizza, give it a try. Good stuff.


  2. Great shot! Acadia is our familiy’s favorite spot on the planet and this shot shows a great reason why! Well done.