June 28, 2010

Its Electric

I’ve been shooting in the Stone Mill for almost a year now and, as I mentioned yesterday, I thought I had tapped it out. I was wrong.

On Saturday, while shooting the third floor, I ran into the building manager, Tom Brown. He told me they had recently removed the two turbines from the building’s lower level and asked me if I would like to see the area. Of course I did.

Its an area of the building I had never seen, for good reason. The back wall, is raw high voltage. “Don’t go back there”, he said, “High voltage. If you happen to touch one of those orange things, you’ll get fried.” Then he pointed to a raw burned section of one of the orange things and added, “A raccoon got in and got fried here.” There was still a clump of dark brown hair clinging to it.

Undaunted, I asked permission to stay and shoot the room. Tom was gracious enough to let me. I spent about a half hour, supervised, off course, shooting the old components and controls.

This shot is from the other side of the turbine control panels looking back on the “high voltage” area.

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  1. So this building is abandoned right and not used for anything? Why is there that much power still going through it?

    Pretty awesome stuff, so much fun for you!

  2. Thanks Mike The building is not completely vacant. The bottom two levels have businesses operating out of them, the top two floors are empty.
    Found out the building is about to undergo some renovations. Their goal is to modernize it a bit and fill the space. Have to shoot in there while I still can.