July 2, 2010


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I shot this scene of the vacant second floor of the Stone Mill about five months ago (well, half of it). I processed the image and decided it wasn’t worth publishing. The mood of the processed image was true to what I saw, but there was a tangent  that formed in the door frame. I was shooting at eye level. I did not look at the entire scene through the view finder.  I was probably being overly critical. My wife (and biggest critic) loved the image,  but every time I thought about posting it, I balked. I wasn’t happy with it.

Luckily, I was able to go back and adjust my composition. I like the do-over much better.

I wasn’t alone when I went back. I was able to get permission to bring a couple of like minded photographers along. Chris Stern and Brian Matiash joined me for a couple of hours. Check out Brian’s masterful shot of the corridor leading into this spooky vacant area.

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