July 6, 2010

Fire Extinguisher

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A few months ago I rented Nikon’s 24mm Tilt/Shift lens for a week to take it for a test drive. It drove like a dream. I finally bought one.

I like to believe bought it for practical reasons. In photographing the mills of Lawrence, its very difficult (impossible) to get accurate architectural images of the exteriors of these buildings without this lens. But I have to confess the creative aspects of the lens were very alluring as well.

I’m a big fan of the amazing Tilt/Shift HDR work of my friend, Brian Matiash.  Brian is extremely generous with advice and tips. Be sure to check out his HDR Best Practices Guide. From day one, he pushed the virtues of his Canon 17mm T/S lens. His work backs up his words. Amazing stuff.

So today’s shot is for Brian.

Its a shot of an antique fire extinguisher next to an old reclining chair. (Hey, doesn’t everyone have this setup in their living room?) I shot it in a second hand store located at the Everett Mill complex in Lawrence. David, the proprietor, graciously allowed me to explore the building and shoot. The big wheels of the extinguisher caught my eye initially. The placement of the ‘comfy chair’ sealed the deal.

I think the image would have worked without the tilt of the lens, but hey … new toy … had to play.

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