July 10, 2010

Morning’s Light

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The day started early. I met my friend, Tom Short, at the Washington Mill a couple of Friday’s ago at 7:00 AM. The main building, like most in Lawrence, started as a textile mill. It found a new life, in the 80s, or 90s as a paper company. Jersey Paper ceased operations in Lawrence around 2002.

After a quick tour of the complex, Tom left me to start shooting. This was the first shot I grabbed that day. A new day in a very old building.

I spent 5 hours in there and have a lot more to post. But that will have to wait.

Starting tomorrow and running daily, for at least the next two weeks, I’ll be featuring images from a very unique place, a machine shop that has been in business for over 75 years, virtually unchanged since 1935. Same building, same equipment, same workflow.  For me, its what HDR photography is for.

I am looking forward to sharing the images with you.

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  1. Author

    Thank you, Klaus. I did not run noise reduction on this. I shot at very low ISO, but longer exposures on the brackets to try to keep noise under control in camera.