July 14, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Tool Crib

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I have a number of shots lined up for the next couple of weeks that feature some pretty big, pretty cool pieces of equipment. But I also have a number of shots that just capture the mood and the sense of nostalgia you feel when you walk through this facility.

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This is one of them. This is the “Tool Crib.”

Back in the day (always wanted to say that) The Crib was manned from behind a chain link fence with an opening in the gate. If you needed a tool, you would sign it out and sign it back in when you were done. The same with spare parts inventory. Need a washer? Your name is on it. Its use is accounted for.

I might have missed this shot if it wasn’t for Phil, one of the guys working in the shop. Phil works a number of machines. You’ll see him later in this series, and perhaps, hear some audio.

Anyway, I was wandering through the shop grabbing brackets and Phil stopped me to suggest some shots. He showed me a couple of things that I would have not seen (like a pretty cool old air compressor behind a door I would not have thought to open). Then he said, “Come look at this.” and walked me over to the Tool Crib.

I had seen and shot the doorway (click on image to the right) because I liked the signage above the door, “The Best Safety Device is a Careful Worker.” I didn’t think to look inside. I thought, “Its probably just clutter.”

I was so wrong.

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