July 17, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Industrial Light

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Thing is, I’ve driven past buildings like this before. They are not of the style of architecture that make you turn your head and say, “Damn. I need to photograph that.” They are part of the benign urban landscape. You just keep driving. No second thought.

But light is an amazing thing. It can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. You just need the right set of circumstances.

The late afternoon sun, hitting a 30 foot high wall of windows may not do much for the exterior of a building like this, but just step inside. Look around.

The normally benign windows almost seem like stained glass, casting a reverent glow on the shop floor. OK, maybe that’s over the top. But the light is really cool.

Here is a quick panorama of the exterior of the building. All but the hardiest of Urbex photographers would not think twice about driving past. “Nothing to see here”.

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  1. Bob, you’ve outdone yourself. This image is wonderful! I love the contrast you provided as well with a shot of the exterior.

  2. This image represents everything it should be from the highlights to the shadows. Truly one of my favorites and I bet it would look awesome in B&W. Well done Bob.