July 22, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Phil

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Phil is one of the employees at Bolton Emerson Americas. He was very eager to show me around and tell me about the company. He was working this lathe machine (or is it a milling machine?  I should have paid attention) in the small machine section of the shop one morning I was there.

I asked him to hold still for a shot. A series of shots, actually, since this is HDR. Like a statue, Phil complied.

Trey Ratcliff (stuckincustoms.com), one of my HDR inspirations, warns his readers and students not to render people in HDR because they come out looking like coal miners (they do. I tried it on my son). His advice is to mask in the person from the anchor bracket in the set. Sound advice, but I decided against it here. I felt the grittiness of the rendering helped the shot.

I liked the composition of the shot, but felt, with a human element, it needed different processing to try and convey the mood of the working environment.

I like it. Hope you do too.

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  1. Love this shot. My favorite of the series I think. I love the way the gloves drive your eyes to Phil. Your eyes first see Phil then the gloves and the gloves drive you eyes right back to Phil. Very nice. I will make sure to retweet for you.


  2. Iit’s hard to decide but I think this is my favorite of the set just because Phil is in it to give the whole place context.