July 26, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Heat Treat

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There are three distinctly different production areas at Bolton Emerson Americas: Machining; “Heat Treat;” and the Wood Shop. Over the past 15 days I’ve featured images primarily from the machining section, the main building at Bolton Emerson Americas.

Heat Treat and the Wood Shop are located in an adjacent building. As you can see, it has a completely different ambiance.

This is the Heat Treat section, where the knives of the pulping machines are forged, shaped and sharpened. They are manufactured, not only for BEA’s machines, but made to order as replacement blades for other pulping machines.

The knives are forged in the furnace on the left, then cooled in the oil of the vat on the right. The cooling time and temperature depends on the metal being used. The process of grinding and shaping takes place at various machines down that long evil looking corridor.

This week you’ll see more images from “Heat Treat” and read a little more of the company’s background.

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  1. Fascinating images of industrial America and a wealth of info too. Love that green in the upper left on this one (oil vat room?). Your shots really capture the grittiness of the work these guys do.

    Well done!

  2. Dang.. make that, “the green in the upper right”. DOH! Caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.