July 27, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Cincinnati

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Day 17.

Have to say I am overwhelmed by the response to this series. Thanks to all those who have sent kind words in comments, email and via Twitter. Much appreciated!

Here is another shot from the Heat Treat section. Its one of the metal milling machines, manufactured by the Cincinnato Machine Company.  In the same way you would need to mill wood down to, say a 2×4, you need to grind the metal “knives” to the exctt dimensions needed for the machines they are manufactured for. This is one of the machines that gets the job done.

Bolton Emerson Americas put this heat treat process in place, for the same reason any company expands: to meet the needs of their clients and expand their business.

From the book:

” A.L Bolton Sr., reasoned that Bolton must have the metallurgical knowledge to analyze the affects of acids, alkalis, abrasion, shock, fatigue and the like upon the metal beaters and Jordans, and to measure the performance of various heat-treat steels and alloys under different operating conditions.

” The new plant afforded space for installing heat-treating furnaces, and their installation marked a distinct pioneering step by Bolton in the betterment of pulp refining equipment. Bolton was the only plant in that specific branch of the mill machinery industry with its own heat-treating furnaces and consequent direct control of quality in metals. Since Bolton made fillings for all types of Jordans, the entire industry was enabled to benefit.”

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  1. I especially like the composition on this one, and the yellow accent. Very well done!