August 1, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: The Workstation

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When I shoot in the machine shop I try not to move anything. I try to present each scene exactly as I find it. The bucket, the hammer, the chair were all there. My only challenge was to compose the image in a way that tells the story, that conveys the mood.

If you were to ask me to show you one image that personifies the Heat Treat section of Bolton Emerson Americas, this would be it.

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  1. Man! This latest piece from the machine shop is really fantastic. I love everything about it: the defocused orange chair, the perfect composition, the crushed can, lines converging beyond the chair to the distance, the texture and shine on the leading edge of the machine,the balance between the orange chair and the emerald green glow that begins in the upper right corner windows… I could go on! Super work, my friend!