August 3, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: POSITIVELY NO SMOKING

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Welcome to the Woodworking Shop at Bolton Emerson Americas. Yes, I said woodworking.

I was a little surprised myself, until it was explained to me. The “knives” that are made in the heat treat area are forged, sharpened and shaped to fit the specifications of a wide variety of pulping machines.

The knives are the blades that grind the wood into pulp. Over time, they wear down and need to be replaced. Bolton Emerson Americas makes those replacement parts. Oh … and the knives are fastened to a hard wood backing, which has to be milled and shaped to the specifications of the machine they will be used in. Thus, the need for a woodworking shop.

The variety and scale of the tools in this section pale in comparison to what you’ve seen so far in this series. But I can assure you, its a very cool place. You won’t be disappointed.

So welcome!

No smoking please. The wood is very dry.

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