August 5, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Museum Piece

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When I first saw this vintage table saw, my immediate thought was, “This belongs in a museum.”

Maybe its the vacuum tubes and wires, or the seemingly countless pegs on the table to hold the wood. Maybe its the framed conversion table conveniently located in front of the controls for the operator’s convenience: “fractions of an inch, to decimals of an inch, to millimeters.”

Any way you slice it, this table saw is something that you won’t find in the aisles of The Home Depot or Lowe’s.

One image can’t do it justice, so I’ve included a couple of additional views: One from the bed of the table to the ceiling and another from floor to ceiling, from the back of the machine. Click on the image for larger view.

And in case you are wondering, 1/64 in. = 0.015625 in = 0.397 mm.

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  1. As a woodworker, all I can say is, “Coooooool.”

    I love how the focus brings the eye in toward the chart, and the intricacy of the setup.

    I wonder if OSHA has seen this place.