August 6, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Cart Wheel

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That’s Cart Wheel, not Cartwheel. Big difference.

I mentioned these little wood carts earlier in the series. This is a more detailed view from one of them in the wood shop. It was an ice breaking shot for me on the day I shot it. It was my first visit to the wood shop.

I had trouble focussing on a subject, but knew I wanted to shoot one of these carts. I dropped my tripod down low and started messing with different angles. This composition worked for me. I was confident that my HDR processing would bring out the texture and lighting I saw through the viewfinder,  so I grabbed the brackets.

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  1. I really like this shot, Bob. The composition is fantastic and the detail really shows how old and well used those carts are…great work!

  2. Just looked through your “shop” posts. Really good stuff. It looks like you are using a tilt shift in many of them?? I love the effect – The shots ring have both the look and feel of Brian Matiash’s shots which I think are terrific. I’ll be checking back soon.