August 7, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: Drill Press

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For today’s image, I decided to return to the Heat Treat area, where the knives are made. I shot this one during the two weeks the company was shut down for summer break. I had full reign of the place and was able to really get to know the machines. No, I wasn’t foolish enough to try to turn this drill press on … As a photographer, I value my fingers. Wouldn’t want to accidentally snip my shutter finger off.

This is the 28th day in the Machine Shop.

I have decided to end the series on a nice round number. Monday, August 9 will be Day 30 at Bolton Emerson Americas – the last official post of this series.

The good news is, I have a few images from the shop that will have gone unpublished, and I do plan to return to do some additional shooting. So, in all likelihood, it wont be the last you see of Bolton Emerson Americas.

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  1. Just looked through your “shop” posts. Really good stuff. It looks like you are using a tilt shift in many of them?? I love the effect – The shots ring have both the look and feel of Brian Matiash’s shots which I think are terrific. I’ll be checking back soon.

  2. Thanks Chris,
    Yes, I went to the Shop with my Nikon 24mm TS lens. Comparison to Brian Matiash’s work is much appreciated. He’s a friend with whom I shoot frequently. I’ve paid close attention to how he uses a TS lens.