August 8, 2010

Bolton Emerson Americas: WOKQ

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Todays image title was a tossup between “Rorschach,” for the big splotch of leaked oil and “WOKQ,” the radio station logo stuck to the underside of the light.

It probably should have been “Rorschach” simply because it was the oil leak that drew me to shoot this image. After all, it took 75 years to create this fossil fuel masterpiece. I saw it and was determined to craft a composition out of it.

When I stepped back and looked at the total scene I saw so much more than an a leaky machine.  I saw decades of productive employees going about the business of manufacturing a product.  The oil leak is evidence that this machine is regularly put through its paces. The line of “knives” on the back wall, evidence of the product. The anvil and hammer, the lockers on the right all help humanize the picture.

And the title? Well, WOKQ is “New England’s Best Country.” The day is long, the work is hard and the shop is hot. You gotta have some tunes blaring to help the day go by!

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