August 10, 2010


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Today’s image is a pallet cleanser.

After 30 days in the machine shop, I thought I’d post something non mechanical, non grungy and non HDR. That’s right, you heard me. I said “non HDR.”

I was at a Luau/pig roast a couple of weeks ago and, not wanting to travel sans camera, slapped my 50mm f1.4 lens on my D700. My goal (besides taking full advantage of the Tiki Bar) was to get one shot that would demonstrate the capability of the lens. I might have set the image limit higher, had there been no Tiki Bar.

Anyway, this is the delightful daughter of a good friend of mine. I spent a few minutes snapping away, trying to warm her to the camera and coax a smile out of her. She did smile and laugh (probably at me, not with me). After sifting through the images, I thought this was the best.

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  1. “Non-HDR”! Not a “one trick pony” then? 🙂

    Beautiful shot! Love the composition and love the 1.4 lens!