August 11, 2010

Baby You Can Drive My Car

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Old cars aren’t my main passion, but when a ’56 old Ford Fairlane Convertible pulls up in your neighborhood, you just have to shoot it.

Last weekend, one did. So I did.

My neighbor’s son-in-law buys and re-finishes antique cars, so when he brought one buy I asked if I could shoot it. The answer was yes.

I have a couple of overview shots of the car, but to me, its all about the details. I loved the vibrant red and subtle evidence of wear on the steering wheel, so I focussed on that.

Hope you like it.

This will be my last post for a week or so. Tomorrow morning I am heading to Acadia National Park for a few days of camping and photography with my youngest son. I hope it bring back some photographic goodness.

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  1. This is absolutely amazing. The predominant red color has me salivating, and that blur is just phenomenal. Looking forward to more tasty goodness like this.