August 19, 2010

Schooner Head

I believe Schooner Head is the outcropping of land on the upper right of the image. The one with the ginormous house sitting on it.

But this image is more about Anemone Cave than Schooner Head. You have to get to Schooner Head to find Anemone Cave (no longer listed in the Acadia National Park brochures).

My son and I got there just before dusk, hoping to grab a shot from the inside of the cave. As I mentioned yesterday, we decided against going into the cave. Instead, I set up on a rock ledge at the mouth of the cave and shot through the sunset.

I’m fine with that decision.

Oh, and if you are traveling to Acadia National Park and want to find Anemone Cave, look for Schooner Head Road off of Route 3. Follow it into the park and take a left at the 4 way stop.

Here is a map. The Schooner Head Overlook is the little loop. At first glance, its not much. Make sure you walk down on the path to the water.

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  1. Really nice shot, Bob. And now I know what to look for! We’re certainly going up there in mid-September, and we appreciate the coordinates.

  2. Wow.. nice one. I love the treatment on that. And the lone tree is a nice touch.