August 20, 2010


The title was going to be “Golden Hour at Jordan Pond,” but I decided to give props to my loyal (self nicknamed) “Sherpa” son Ryan for his assistance and company last weekend.

This annual camping trip with Ryan (the youngest of my three sons) has been a tradition for us since he was 9 years old. It started as a one time thing and we just kept it going.

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Whether hiking the Jordan Cliffs for 4 hours, biking the Carriage Roads for a few more hours, or driving all over Mt Desert Island, Ryan carried my tripod. Mostly without complaining. While I was blasting off dozens of sets of brackets of the roaring surf, or catching a pano of the sunset from Cadillac Mountain, Ryan was content to climb the rocks or take in the breathtaking scenery.

This pano was not what I started out to shoot that night. We were waiting for the sunset, but Ryan looked perfectly natural on that rock on Jordan Pond, so took advantage.

Ryan is really the driving force behind these trips. We had the opportunity to rent a cottage this year. When I presented the idea to him, he said, “well that would defeat the purpose of camping, wouldn’t it?” And so we camped.

We look forward to it. Ryan makes a huge batch of beef jerky for the trip (did I mention he’s a chef?) and plans the menu. It usually consists of hot dogs on a stick over an open fire, and a couple of restaurants in Bar Harbor. You see, we are not so much into “roughing it” as we are into “roughing it smoothly.” Its not the camping we seek, its the activities, the scenery and the photography.

That’s him on the right. Shot during a rest on the Jordan Cliffs trail. Note the back pack with the tripod head sticking out the top.

I know … he’s a junior hippy. We’re working on the hair thing.

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  1. This really is a very fantastic pano, Bob. The view stands on its own merits but the inclusion of Ryan brings it to another level. It’s funny how even the smallest element can have the greatest impact on a scene. Well done, my good man.

  2. Great image, but even better story behind it. It’s great that you can have the connection between photography and your sons! Well done sir. “My Three Sons” – somebody should make a TV show about that!

  3. Don’t worry about the hair thing. He looks fine. Hair is the best place to display creativity, rebellion, whatever. It’s free, and all statements are temporary. Concentrate on preventing the tattoo thing and the piercing thing, at least until adulthood.