August 22, 2010


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Its been a while since I’ve posted an image from the mills so I thought I’d throw one in.

This is from one of the buildings in the Washington Mill complex. I don’t believe it is part of the original textile mill complex since it constructed of cinder blocks, concrete and steel, as opposed to the brick and beams of the classic mills. Nonetheless, it was an interesting place to shoot.

So many business have passed through these buildings since the Industrial Revolution. Most recently (until 2002), this building was home to a paper company. This section of the building appears to have been used to store vats of paper slated for recycling. I walked beneath the ramp, under the floor and found remnants of chemical tanks (with chemicals) and next to no light. I decided not to stick around.

On the way back up the ramp the light catching the door caught my eye.

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