August 23, 2010

35 A

I spent the better part of this past Saturday photographing a very creepy place in western Massachusetts. When I say creepy, I mean creepy. I sent a preview of one of the images (not this one) to a friend yesterday over AIM. The immediate response was, “That gave me chills. And I mean that in the best possible way.”

Mission accomplished.

To add to the creepiness, I was joined by my good friend, Brian Matiash … wait, that came out wrong. Let’s just say, the company contributed to the day’s success. It was an impromptu Urbex hunt. Not a lot of planning. Sometimes it just works that way.

As always, Brian was a pleasure to shoot with. We worked separate areas of the site and met occasionally to compare notes and ideas, each of us taking inspiration from the other and helping each other to see things differently.

Anyway, to set the stage, I wanted to present an exterior shot of one of the buildings on the grounds. Most of them, like this one, are completely shuttered and overgrown with weeds and schrubs. The windows boarded up and doors bolted and in some cases welded shut.  Building “35 A” was begging to be shot. The eerie symmetry called.

This won’t be a series in the same mold as Bolton Emerson Americas, but I’ll post one or two more this week.

Patience, Grasshopper.

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