August 26, 2010

Feeble Steps

I know, this is a bit jarring after yesterday’s image. Its my second shot from last weekend’s Urbex shoot with Brian Matiash of an abandoned school in western Massachusetts.

As you probably know, I have a thing for stairs. There was no lack of interesting stairways at this facility and I certainly got my share. For at least one of them, I wanted to do something different. This is the one.

The glass in most of the doors in this place were shattered, or cracked to some degree, presenting many tempting compositions. When one of them offered this deliciously decayed staircase in the frame, I had to bite.

The facility itself has a sordid history of abuse of its patients/residents and is said to be haunted. It was a key player in helping to reaffirming the civil rights of the disabled. It has also been featured on Boston’s Chronicle Magazine TV show (my mom told me about it). It has been closed / abandoned for about 17 years.

Seems like much longer looking at it.

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