September 5, 2010


Another shot from the abandoned school. This one to further feed my obsession with stairs. And yes, there are more stair images to come from this amazing place.

I shot with the Nikon 24mm PC-E lens. That’s their tilt-shift lens for those not in the know. The ‘PC’ stands for ‘Perspective Correction.’ The ‘E’ … well, I’m not sure about that. Canon calls their line of tilt shift lenses … um … “Tilt-Shift” lenses. Smart.

Anyway, I tilted the lens diagonally to emphasize the descending stairs and the mood.

On another note, I’m doing some modifications to my site. I’ve (finally) added a long overdue “About Me” section. Check it out. You’ll also notice a drop shadow under today’s image. I had been using the NexGen gallery plugin for WordPress for my posts, but it does not integrate well with the Gallery Management capabilities of ProPhoto, so I may be switching to ProPhoto’s image and gallery management system. The only thing I’ll miss is the ability to display a posted image larger in a thickbox overlay.

But I do like the drop shadow.


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  1. Beautiful shot. Love the way the railing perfectly guides the eye from the left lower corner, to the right mid-point of the frame, and then down the stairs to the open door. The defocused parts are fantastic and in all the best places. You really have mastered that PC-E and I expect some tips! BTW, while the “E” in PC-E should stand for Exceptional or Excellent, I read one that is means “Electronic Diaphragm.

  2. I like how the steps lead down to the bright doorway which is spilling light into the scene. Makes you wonder what is just around the corner. I just rented the 24 PC-E and have been playing around with it. I understand the basic mechanics of the thing but I’m sure I’m not getting the most out of it. Some PC tips would certainly be welcome!