September 9, 2010

New Toy

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Christmas came early for me this year. After much deliberation I finally purchased a fisheye lens. Yes, Virginia, I am Santa Claus!

I have seen a lot of fisheye work that I like, but I really have to credit Brian Matiash, my frequent Bracketer in Arms, with putting me over the edge. I absolutely love what he does with a fisheye, especially what he has done in my beloved Lawrence Mills.

Anyway, to christen the lens, I met up with Brian in Boston last night for some dust-to-dark HDR shooting. New lens or not, its always a pleasure to shoot with Brian. It was not one of our most successful shoots (end of work day, limited time, etc.), but I think we each came away with a couple of shots we like.

After we finished shooting (and after the obligatory beer) I walked back to my car at Paul Revere Park. I knew I had to pass the Zakim Bridge, but had no intention of shooting it. It was getting late and I was confident that I had a shot worth posting (and I did). But the combination of a new toy, a perfect night, perfect sky and a big-ass bridge bearing down on me … well …  It had to be done.

So here it is, the obligatory fisheye view of the Leonard P. Zakim, Bunker Hill Memorial, Big Dig Boondoggle Bridge.

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  1. Every lens has its own bucket list of shots. The fish is no exception. A well-timed night shot of the Zakim is a must. So is a close-up of a dog’s face… and a shot looking up at tall buildings in NYC. Go get ’em!