September 10, 2010

The Comfy Chair

The mood in this building on the grounds of the of the abandoned school was nothing short of eerie. Each room facing the porch with the green fiberglass roof (virtually, the only light source in the building) presented a new composition.

I was going to shoot only from the doorway … I thought I should get out ASAP … But when I saw this configuration, I wanted to do it justice, so I took some time to do it right.

In reviewing the final image, two things came to mind, Monty Python and my good friend, Jacques Gudé.  Both of these fine artists are revered as the best in their respective fields, and both have employed “The Comfy Chair” in expressions of their art.

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  1. Man I love this hot! That chair just calls out to me, “come, sit and dream”! colors, composition, subject, all so superb! And your kind words, sublime! Thanks for the great photography, my friend!